NEAL PARKER: mid 30’s-early 40’s. A writer who bartends and turns tricks for a living. He masks a hardened heart and apathetic perspective with his overt sexuality.

TUCKER: 40’s. A married advertising executive who occasionally moonlights at gay bars.

HUSTLER: 20’s. A sexy, well chiseled young man with a savvy street business sense. (role also plays NEWSCASTER and ARTIST FRIEND #2)

RUSSELL: Neal’s closest friend. Neal’s age or older. An ex-history teacher turned antique shop owner. A unique personality. A voracious reader.

STEPHEN: 20’s. An attractive, soft spoken young man with an acerbic wit. (role also plays REPORTER)

SONNY BREWER: early-mid 20’s. An All American everyman. Innocence and truth personified. With a sweet humor.

CURTIS: Mid 30’s. Attractive bartender who works with Neal. (role also plays UNCLE)

VINCE: 30’s. A regular at the bar who becomes a close friend to Neal and Sonny.

PREIST: 40’s. An ex-homosexual who has a crush on Christ. (role also plays PATRON 1 and ARTIST FRIEND #1)